September 2014 Newsletter

Our August meeting with Roy Nagatoshi was a fun night. Thanks everyone for bringing in your trees for Roy to review. In some instances he gave good advice and tree suggestions and at other times there were major cuts made. We appreciate his time and advice.

Thanks Roy!

Our Bonsai show this year is Saturday and Sunday, October 4 and 5. Our club is 11 years old and this is our 11th annual show.

Our September meeting is a workshop. If you would like help with preparation of your show trees please bring them in. Our advisor and mentors will be on hand to help out. We seem to be having a shortage of moss to put on the trees. With the hot dry weather it is difficult to find. Usually it can be found in dark spots of parking lots or other large dark areas. Good Luck! I lost my source. At this time I would like to give you a brief plan for all of what’s involved in preparing and holding our exhibition. All members are asked to bring up to three trees.

Our exhibition is held in the Resource Center at the Gardens of the World. We set up Friday afternoon. The show is open to the public both Saturday and Sunday and we breakdown the display Sunday afternoon. At Sunday midday we will be photographing all the display trees. We also will be having demonstrations for the public in the morning and afternoon in the bandstand on both Saturday and Sunday.

For the show we will need tables and volunteers. If you can work a morning or afternoon on Saturday or Sunday please sign-up. Your assistance is needed to welcome our show visitors and assist them in viewing our show and in answering any questions they may have about the show or our club.

At our September meeting, we will be going through the details and the planning of this program so we would appreciate your input and thoughts. Please let us know where you can help. See you Thursday, September 18th.

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