September 2017 Newsletter

Tired of waiting for years to develop the look of age in a new bonsai? Don’t miss the Conejo Valley Bonsai Society’s September meeting: It will be a demonstration of ways to create ancientappearing bonsai out of young stock virtually overnight.

The presenter will be our own Ann Lofquist.Members may recall that she addressed this subject at our June 2016 meeting when she showed us how to make so-called tanuki grafts out o f a piece of deadwood and a juniper whip. This time she will follow up on that demo plus demonstrate how to add deadwood to an existing bonsai.

Last year, many members purchased the materials needed to make their own tanuki. If you are one of these—or have tanuki-making materials of your own—plan to bring your material and tools to this meeting. Ann will help you with the next steps in developing your tanuki.

If you have not cut in the channel for placing the whip and would like Ann to do it—give her your deadwood and whip at least a few days prior to the meeting and she will do it for you. Please contact Ann or me so you can organize the materials to be given to Ann. (If you don’t recall how to make a tanuki graft and don’t have a copy of the July 2016 issue, let me or David Whiteside know and we’ll email you a copy.) In addition to helping us make progress on our tanuki-graft projects, Ann will show us how to select and attach pieces of deadwood to living bonsai, creating the appearance of great age without carving parts of the parent tree.

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