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November 2012 Newsletter

Our November demonstrator will be Al Nelson, and he will be working on oak trees. At the California Bonsai Society’s 55th annual convention in April, he displayed a very large and beautiful oak bonsai. He has worked on oak trees for many years, so it will be interesting and informative to see him working on […]

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October 2012 Newsletter

W e have just completed our 9th Annual Bonsai Exhibition at the Gardens of the World. I would like to thank everyone for your participation and help. It could not have happened without you. We had many compliments on the show from the visitors! This year we introduced the People’s Choice award. All the trees were numbered and the visitors selected […]

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September 2012 Newsletter

Our Bonsai show this year is the weekend of October 6 – 7. This is our 9th annual show, which means that our club is now nine years old! At this time I would like to outline for all members what is involved in preparing and holding an exhibition and see where you can help. […]

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August 2012 Newsletter

Our July meeting was a demonstration with Kathy Benson working on a crape myrtle along with critiquing member’s crape myrtle trees. The demonstration tree went through an inspiring transformation (which included cutting off all the blossoms—see full story, pages 4 – 5). Kathy has donated the tree to the club for our Holiday Raffle. Many crape myrtles in the community are in full bloom […]

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